A Feltonfleet School mascot has been enjoying the views of Mount Everest, while pupils, safely on terra-firma, track his progress.

David Tait, a parent at the school, took class 4SB’s Shaun the Sheep mascot as a good luck charm on his latest expedition to the summit of Everest.

Mr Tait visited the school prior to his departure to the Himalayas and spoke to pupils about his trip and the route he would be taking to climb the world’s tallest mountain.

Pupils listened and asked many questions, showing great concern about what mountaineers did when they needed the toilet.

The class have been following Mr Tait’s climb online and hope that their mascot will be an important boost to morale as the team begin the final stages of their ascent to the summit.

Sarah Bray, class teacher, said: “The pupils have been following Mr Tait’s expedition with great interest. In fact, Ethan went to base camp with his mother and elder brother over the Easter holidays to say goodbye to his dad.

“We have been talking about stamina, drive and determination in class and very much look forward to welcoming both Mr Tait and Shaun the Sheep back to hear about their adventures.”

Mr Tait funds his own climbs but uses them to raise awareness and money for the NSPCC, of which he is a trustee.

To read his story and support his fundraising efforts, visit davidtait.com.