Children are being summoned to take part in the trial of Ewell's very own witch this month. Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club will re-enact the trial of Joan Butts, which was held in 1682.

Club organiser David Brooks said at the time scandal papers reported that Joan Butts bewitched a servant girl called Elizabeth.

Mr Brooks said: "She bewitched the girl so stones were thrown at her and furniture attacked her."

In the end he said Elizabeth's mother allegedly put an end to the black magic by fighting the witch and drawing blood.

He said: "Finally the mother broke the spell by having a cat fight with her."

On Wednesday, May 29, the club will return to the days when dark magic was blamed for anything unexplained.

Professional storyteller Janet Dowling and the children will try to decide if the witch or the trial was more wicked.

Wicked Witch Trials; Bourne Hall Museum Kids Club; Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell;May 29; 2pm to 3.30pm £4 per child Call 020 8394 1734 Email Visit