Crystal Palace revealed the new club crest at their end of year awards last night.

The current club badge had been in place for more than 20 years and the club’s hierarchy have been keen to modernise Crystal Palace’s image.

Co-chairman Steve Parish said the fans views were taken into account when designing the new badge.

The club put a number of badges to the public vote last year but there was no clear favourite picked out by the fans.

Crystal Palace supporter Dan Mulcahy designed the badge alongside designers CHI and club graphic designer Robert Deacon.

The new badge still includes the Crystal Palace towers, where the club used to play, the glass palace and the eagle.

The year the club was founded has been added to the badge at the request of the club’s fans.

The crest can also be used in different ways, for example there is a coat of arms format which will be used around the stadium.

There will be one without the shield for media and club use and a simplified version of the eagle which will be used for some merchandise and casual clothing.

Mr Parish said: “I see this change as more evolution than revolution, as it was important to keep the heritage of the past.

“This new design will re-produce much better than the old line drawing, featuring a stronger more dynamic eagle that brings our club image into the 21st Century.

“We would like to thank everyone who has worked on the badge, especially Dan, who has worked tirelessly to get this produced.”