A group of travellers, who set up home in the car park of a Hersham recreation ground, have failed to leave the site, despite agreeing to leave by Saturday.

The travellers, thought to be three families, arrived at Coronation Recreation Ground, Molesey Road, sometime between Saturday, April 20, and Sunday, April 21.

The playground at the recreation ground was closed on Thursday last week, which is believed to be due to hygiene issues.

Councillor Mary Sheldon said on Tuesday she was aware that people had still been entering the playground, despite it officially being closed.

It is alleged that the traveller families have 10 children between them and they have been using the playground. 

A council spokeswoman said: “The travellers have not vacated the site as they had given assurances that they would. As a result legal papers were submitted on Monday, April 29, to the courts and we are now awaiting a hearing date.”