The "heartbreaking suffering" caused by the sexual abuse of a child has motivated a woman to take part in next weekend's London marathon.

Krystal Newbury, 32, an administration manager from Epsom, is doing it for the Surrey-based Lucy Faithfull Foundation, whose confidential helpline and sexual abuse prevention programme are under threat from funding cuts.

The foundation believes at least 45,000 people children in the county could be affected by child sex abuse, with an estimated one in six children nationally suffering from it.

Ms Newbury said: "Someone I know was sexually abused as a child and I have seen first-hand the impact it can have.

"Being so close and seeing them live a daily battle is heartbreaking.

"I have struggled at times with feeling so angry about the trauma they have suffered, are still suffering and will always suffer.

"Knowing that I am helpless to say any words of comfort to help marginally soothe their pain is really hard.

"By raising money through running the London Marathon I want to help The Lucy Faithfull Foundation make a difference to the lives of others.

"The Foundation not only assists victims and the families of those affected, it also works to prevent child sexual abuse from happening in the first place.

"I’d also like every adult in Surrey to do just one thing to protect a child – that could be visiting the Parents Protect! website to get tips on keeping children safe or it could be talking to their child’s nursery or school about their child protection policies."

The foundation has been working to tackle child sexual abuse since 1992 and launched the Stop it Now! campaign and helpline in 2002.

The confidential freephone helpline, which operates from Surrey, is available for anyone with concerns about child sexual abuse.

But the Department for Education has pulled its funding from the project, limiting its capacity to deliver its successful sexual abuse prevention programme, Parents Protect!.

The helpline is also having to look at cost-cutting measures despite a continued increase in demand for its services.

Deborah Denis, a spokesman for the foundation, said: "While it is a problem that has always been around, recent media coverage of cases such as that of Jimmy Savile have brought it to the forefront of people’s minds.

"And while demand for our services, and crucially our Parents Protect! prevention programme have never been greater, we unfortunately don’t have the funds to meet the ever growing demand.

"That’s why support from people like Krystal is so greatly appreciated. She’s a fabulous supporter and we wish her all the very best for the marathon which she has trained so hard for."

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