An unattended horse wandered into Purley Way this afternoon stopping traffic in its wake.

Two adult horses and foal have been seen wandering around Roundshaw Downs all day and, at just after 2pm, the large black mare wandered into the busy road.

Fortunately some traffic management workers were on hand to stop the traffic and redirect her back onto the downs.

One witness reported seeing the horses at 8am this morning and said: “I rang the council and they have had calls as well as the police.

“I got back this afternoon and they were right by Purley Way. They could cause mayhem.”

Two people, believed to be travellers, turned up just after 2.30pm and moved all three horses on.

Your Local Guardian:

A police spokesperson said: “We have received a couple of calls from residents about this.

“Officers from our Safer Parks Team went down there this morning to find two horses and a foal un-tethered.

“We have reported the matter to Sutton Council and we will continue to monitor the situation and liaise with the council as appropriate.”

Did you see the horses? Call 0208 722 6358 or email