A charity shop is hoping to reunite a 45-year-old library card with its owner after it was found inside a donated book.

Staff at the RSPCA Croydon Crystal Palace branch, in Addiscombe, were sorting through donations on Saturday when they discovered the card - issued in 1967 and in the name of Angela J Foster.

Now staff hope to reunite Miss Foster, who lived on Oval Road, East Croydon, with her card.

Simon Hampton, the branch's chairman, said: "The library card fell out of a book called The Right Way to Keep Hamsters, which is a great book to have donated and links to the RSPCA.

"There is nothing in the book at all to say it is a library book.

"It would be great if we could reunite Angela with her old card; hopefully there will be people in the local area that know her."

Do you know Angela J Foster of Oval Road, East Croydon? Contact 0208 722 6353 or email hmcw@london.newsquest.co.uk.