Tumblers from Richmond Gymnastics Club proved they can cut it State-side when they returned from an international event in Salt Lake City, America, with 11 medals.

Joined by their coaches, 16 elite tumblers competed against rivals from the US, Canada, Poland, South Africa and the UK in Utah.

The club were invited to the Kalon Ludvigson Invitational event by Ludvigson himseld – the tumbling world record holder.

The gold medal winners were Harry Kilby, Hannah McKnight, Millie Gower, Charlotte Wilson, Arthur Polley, Hetty Hopkinson and Phoebe Barnes.

There were silver medals for Erin Cavanagh and Georgie Forbes, and bronze medals for Heather Cowell and Mia Pillai.

Abdullah Izzidien, Ben Shepherd, Josh Bland, Issabel Waldron and Finlay Polley all performed well, but just missed out on a gong.

Coach Kath Small said: “It was amazing to see the gymnasts doing their best despite having to adapt to a very different time zone and tumbling on a raised podium for the first time.”