Butchers are fighting to save advertising boards which are allegedly breaking highway regulations.

The signs have been placed outside Chadwicks Butchers, in Balham High Road, Balham, for about 10 years.

But Transport for London (TfL) has ordered the butchers to remove the signs, claiming they are causing an obstruction in the road.

A letter sent last week said if Chadwicks do not comply TfL will come to take the boards themselves.

The 4ft boards, nicknamed Bill and Ted, are placed under the awning of the shop-front and advertise what meat is being sold.

Gary Chadwick, master butcher, said: "They are private property. They are not over officious, it is the only way we've got of advertising as a small business.

"They are going to take them themselves if they are left out there.

"They are right in front of the shop in front of our awning, it is not causing a nuisance for anyone."

Since receiving the letter Chadwicks have been campaigning to keep the signs, using Twitter to gain the support of`surrounding businesses.

Trinity Stores Balham wrote: "This will seriously damage local businesses and ruin the villagey feel of Balham."

Dana Skelley, director of roads at TfL, said: "As part of the Better Streets initiative, we have responded to the requests of road users, businesses and boroughs by reducing street clutter and obstructions such as temporary advertising boards on certain pavements on the TfL road network that are often complained about.

"Keeping the streets clear of these obstructions can help improve the look of the area, encourage more people to visit and provide clearer paths for older and disabled pedestrians.

"We are also working with local businesses to suggest alternative ways to advertise without causing clutter."

The family-run business has been based in Balham for 15 years and have scooped various awards for their organic meat.