A mum may have killed herself after a decision to dismiss her from her job at Croydon Council was upheld, an inquest heard.

Nadine Graham was found hanged at her home in The Lawns, Upper Norwood on November, 5, last year.

Prior to her death the 33-year-old had been dismissed from her position in the council's housing department.

The inquest heard she had appealed the decision but it was upheld.

A letter from her aunt to South London Coroner Dr Roy Palmer expressed concerns about the impact her job loss had on the mum-of-one's state of mind prior to her death.

Croydon Coroner's Court heard the mum-of-one had a history of depression and had mentioned problems at work to doctors, prior to being prescribed antidepressants in April 2012.

The court heard Miss Graham was last seen by a doctor on October 17, where she told her GP the depression had resolved itself completely and she had stopped the anti-depressants and was back at work.

London Ambulance Service was called to her address at 1.54pm on November 4, but Miss Graham was pronounced dead shortly after paramedics' arrival.

Three handwritten notes were found in her room, two for her son telling him she loved him and one for her family, which read: "I tried to see a way out, I have a feeling of weakness. Things aren't working."

An autopsy gave the cause of death as suspension and Dr Palmer recorded a verdict of suicide.