Dignitaries and members of the public turned out as an empire on which the sun never sets celebrated the coronation of its new leader.

Austenasia, a small country bordered on all sides by Carshalton, declared independence from the UK and became a 'micronation' in 2008.

Since then it has had several leaders but recent emperor Declan I abdicated earlier this year opening the door for His Imperial Majesty Emperor Jonathan I to take his place.

His Imperial Majesty's ascension to the throne was marked at a ceremony at the Imperial Residence in Austenasia's capital, named Wrythe, on Saturday, with leaders of other micronations in attendance.

The 18-year-old emperor said: "It was a good ceremony. Everything went well and I'm very proud.

"So far my reign has been busy. There have been a lot of people to update and things like that."

The main access to the Austenasia is via Green Wrythe Lane although Austenasian leaders have never imposed strict border controls meaning those who are invited to visit need only to bring ID rather than a passport.

It started as a single house, occupied by the Austen family, but Austenasia now has an empire. There is Wrythe, Glencarrog - a square foot of land in Scotland and Zephyria, which is not far from Wrythe and became part of the empire when Sir William allowed his house to become annexed by Austenasia.

Most recently Austenasia has expanded its empire overseas. New South Scotland, which is bordered on all sides by Australia, became a Crown Dependency of Austenasia in January and Axvalley, a farm bordered by Brazil, became a dependency of Austenasia at the weekend.

His Imperial Majesty said: "During my reign I'd like to see more expansion here. Technically, we've got an empire on which the sun never sets, which is nice, but I don't want to get stretched. I'd like the country to grow locally."

Austenasia has its own TV station and even a military. Despite the country having a population of just 16 its army numbers more than 20, several of whom were recruited during a brief civil war in 2010.

Emperor Jonathan I goes to Cheam High School. his dad, Emperor Terry I, mum, Margaret and sister, Crown Princess Caroline, all live with him at the Imperial Residence.