Suttonites are having some of the best sex in the capital according to a new survey.

A poll by Time Out found that 70 per cent claimed they are happy with their current sex lives, putting the borough second of all London boroughs.

However, whether it is modesty or honesty, the poll of 10,000 across London also found Sutton had the least number of people who believed they were better than average in bed.

In general, according to the research, three-quarters of men and women (76 per cent) think they are better than average between the sheets.

The survey found 71 per cent of women said they would not mind "a little more pain" to turn them on in the bedroom, whilst a third of straight women have had a same sex experience.

In fidelity terms, 49 per cent of men and women have cheated and 42 per cent of men would cheat on their partner if they could get away with it, versus 22 per cent of women.

The full results will be published in February 12's Time Out London and online at

South Londoners are having more sex than those in the North, averaging eight times a month versus seven.