Despite the freezing conditions volunteers have visited the elderly to offer them Meals on Wheels.

Every day of the week 20 volunteers turn up at Wallington Kitchens in Stafford Road, Wallington to load up with around 250 meals and then head out to deliver lunch.

Some of the volunteers from Carshalton Association for the Elderly and Sutton Old People's Welfare Association have been delivering meals on wheels for more than 20 years.

85-year-old team leader Kath Prosser has been delivering for 25 years. She said: "I'd go potty if I sat at home all day. The people here and the people we deliver to are friends and I enjoy being a part of it.

"Sometimes, in bad weather, it can be difficult getting to everyone but we always do. We’ve never missed a day. Never. Not once."

Customers are served a two-course meal for £3.50 a day, 365 days a year and alternatives are offered if the main meal on offer is something they do not like.

In emergencies volunteers can provide duvets, heaters, curtains and thermal clothing so that people are able to cope with cold weather.

Councillor Colin Stears, chairman of Sutton Council’s adult social services and health committee, said: "It is the Sutton way for people to help each other out and the meals on wheels volunteers are an admirable example of that."