The council are clamping down on fly tippers as part of the Keep It Clean campaign.

Enforcement officers are keeping an eagle eye out on those who fly tip, which is where people dump rubbish, do not put it in the bin or arrange a pick up time with the council.

Croydon Council is reminding residents that fly tipping is illegal whether it is one item, one bag of rubbish or a mound of it.

Area enforcement officers work with the community, police and other groups whilst investigating incidents of environmental crime, such as fly tipping.

The council said if there is a pattern of fly-tipping they will carry out surveillance to catch those responsible.

Vehicles that are spotted to be involved in fly-tipping can be seized and crushed. Owners can be prosecuted and if convicted, given fines and sent to prison.

Councillor Phil Thomas, cabinet member for highways and environmental services, said: "Fly tipping is illegal and we will prosecute anyone caught dumping rubbish illegally in Croydon. It costs the council, and it costs the environment."

Croydon Council will only clear up fly tips on public or council owned land. If it happens on private land it is the responsibility of the landowner, who should ensure their land is secure.

To complain about flytipping go to the Keep it Clean area at and fill out the online form, or call 020 8726 6000.