Commuters faced delays as long as 80 minutes at Sutton Station this morning.

Due to the snow and freezing temperatures, rails became iced up resulting in trains getting stuck with no power.

Passengers were forced to wait in the snowy conditions whilst Southern Rail struggled to find alternative rail routes.

Many of those who attempted to travel were left stranded on the platforms without information as they tried to travel to work and school.

Teenagers attending Ewell Castle School and Nescott College had reported waiting for more than an hour for a train.

Passengers trying to get to relatively local stations like Epsom were in luck, with Bus Replacement Services being run from outside the front of the station.

However, commuters attempting to get to stations that were further away, however, were left no choice but to wait it out on the platform.

This was the case for businessman Steven Harkins, 43, who had been waiting for over an hour for a train to Dorking and still had no updates about the estimated arrival of the train.

Southern Railway advised passengers on their website to check regularly with National Rail Enquiries and allow extra time for their journeys.