A stranded police car got stuck in deep water as heavy rain caused widespread flooding on Christmas Day.

Firefighters had to pump water out of the police car stuck in a pool over three-feet deep on Outwood Lane, in Kingswood, at about 10am on Christmas morning.

Epsom firefighters were also called out after flooding hit a house in Leatherhead, two properties in Ewell and the A3 between Hook and Esher Common.

Firefighter Michael Orchard said: "Firefighters were out all day on Christmas Day. We didn’t get any turkey and they were soaking."

A flooded house in Hillcroft, Leatherhead, was pumped out in the morning and two properties were later pumped out in Chestnut Avenue, Ewell.

At about 9am two Epsom fire engines and an Esher fire engine were also called out to tackle flooding on the A3 between Hook and Esher Common.

Mr Orchard said a lane had to be kept closed as firefighters struggled to clear away the floodwater.

He said: "We couldn’t pump out as fast as rain was coming down."

Firefighters also attended a flood in Kingsway, Ewell, on Boxing Day but did not pump it away.

Earlier in the month the TA Centre, in Ewell, was hit by floods.

On December 14 firefighters were called out to pump out flood water at the centre and isolate the electrical supply.