Plans to widen paths in Beddington Park to allow cycling have been postponed by councillors after a row over where a £50,000 extension was needed.

At a meeting of Beddington and Wallington local committee on Tuesday, December 4,  members were supposed to approve plans to widen a number of paths to allow separate lanes for walkers and cyclists. 

However, Charles Martin, from the London Cycling Campaign and also Sutton Living Streets, which campaigns for better public spaces in the borough, told the committee the seperate lanes were not needed.

He said: "I'm not totally convinced it (the paths) need to be widened. We could just make it available for people to cycle."

Mr Martin said cyclists and walkers should share the paths and simply "look out for each other."

Councillor Colin Hall, who sits on the national body for Living Streets told the meeting that to not have segregation and a spilt pathway, would go against its policy.

At the meeting, the committee decided to postpone the approval of the £50,000 investment until it became clear whether the policy could be changed.