An eight year old girl not expected to live into adulthood is urging people to dig deep in support of a children’s hospice this Christmas.

Daisy Nimmo, from Wimbledon, was diagnosed with Costello Syndrome when she was six months old - a rare condition which leaves her in constant pain with symptoms including delayed bone age, loose and pigmented skin, abnormal heart rhythms and an increased risk of cancer.

To give her family a break, Daisy regularly visits the Shooting Star CHASE hospice in Hampton where she has been making a scrapbook to record her memories.

Her mum Stephanie said: "It’s impossible to put into words what Shooting Star CHASE means to families like ours.

"We look after Daisy at home as much as we can but when I desperately need a break I know Shooting Star CHASE is there for us.

"I’m so grateful to have the scrapbook.

"Happy memories are everything to parents like me who know that our beloved children will not survive to become adults."

Sandi Hillery, head of Shooting Star House, said: "This time of year is always very special, and we try to make it as memorable as possible for every family."

Daisy will be appearing in ITV’s Text Santa fundraising campaign on December 21.

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