A popular parrot owner is hoping he can find one of his beloved birds after it went missing.

CJ Harwood, a familiar sight around Crystal Palace and known affectionately as "the Parrot Man", has looked after his two pet parrots Jack and Annie for 30 years.

But Annie went missing after Mr Harwood took the pair out for one of their regular walks towards Gipsy Hill Station on Wednesday, November 7.

The disappearance has left both Mr Harwood and his companion of 30 years, Jack, devastated.

He has put posters up in the area and has looked around all the gardens which would have been on her flight path home.

Mr Harwood, 70, of Alexandra Drive, Upper Norwood, has said he is sure someone would return Annie if they found her because she is so well known in the area.

The parrot owner, who is originally from Tennessee, said both parrots have flown away before but have always come back or been returned.

Both parrots are blue and yellow macaws and Mr Harwood believes they are both at least in their fifties. They can live until they are 80.

Residents have readily come to Mr Harwood’s aid, with many taking to internet forums with potential sightings of Annie.

There is also a reward for anyone who finds Annie.

Mr Harwood said: "It's a mystery. I'm willing to pay more than anyone could sell her for.

"I am hoping somebody has her, and slowly gets irritated with her. They are very messy, chew the woodwork, throw their food about, and squawk loud several times a day.

"I am sure she didn't fly away knowing her as I do, she wants to be with Jack, above all else in life.

"We are heartbroken, Jack and me, we've all lived together, for 30 years."

One resident, Valerie, from Central Hill, said she is determined to help reunite Annie with her owner.

She said: "I have known of CJ since the late 1980s as he used to walk around Crystal Palace with the parrots on a very long pole.

"Friends that I know who live near him loved the birds flying up and down the street and sometimes sitting in their garden trees. They said it brightened their day up."