More than 4000 people have signed a petition against a controversial plan to convert a disused bank into a mosque ahead of a meeting next week to decide its future.

Councillors will decide on Monday whether the bank chambers in Green Lane can be developed into a mosque.

Worcester Park resident Jacki Chillman appealed to others who do not want the plans to go ahead to make sure they make their presence felt at the meeting.

She said the plan would bring in traffic the area cannot handle, is not necessary, does not have enough parking and will not be widely used by the local community and thinks councillors on the development control committee should knock back the long-running application when they meet to consider it on Monday, December 3.

Miss Chillman said: "It's mainly because of the traffic congestion it will cause.

"People are opposed to this, there have been hundreds of objections and people have signed petitions - councillors need to act on behalf of the majority of people.

"The parking is terrible, the majority of the people who will use it are not from the Worcester Park area.

"The applicant says it will enhance the community - but that's only for a specific group of people.

"I'd have the same complaints if it was a nightclub or a nursery because the area cannot handle the traffic. That building would be suitable for a solicitor's office or something like that - not something which will have so many people coming to it."

Plans to convert the building into a mosque have been around since 2009 when it was bought but the planning application was only submitted this year.

The council has received more than 100 representations in support of the mosque on the grounds there is need for it in the community, it will bring customers to nearby shops and businesses, it will reduce traffic to the Kingston mosque and it will make good use of the building.

The meeting will happen at Cheam High School, Chatsworth Road, Cheam from 7.30pm on Monday, December 3 and is open to the public.