The men accused with murdering a teenager in a sports shop in Oxford Street on Boxing Day last year have been cleared of any wrong-doing.

Seydou Diarrassouba, 18, from Phipps Bridge, Mitcham bled to death outside Foot Locker in London’s Oxford Street after he was stabbed twice in the chest on December 26, 2011.

Jermaine Joseph, 23, who used to live in Mitcham but who moved to Conway Road in Haringey in April 2011, had been charged with the teenagers murder alongside Thulani Thomas Khumalo, 20, from Etherley Road in Haringay.

Earlier the court had heard Mr Joseph describe how he had been relocated to north London due to problems he was facing in Mitcham, and had received threats from Diarrassouba and his friends.

He admitted taking a knife with him out to Oxford Circus but explained it was due to his fear of attack.

Confronted on the busy street Mr Joseph fled into the sports store for safety but admitted stabbing Diarrassouba by accident after the teenager attacked him.

Following a four week long trial at the Old Bailey a jury found the two men not guilty of the charges of murder and manslaughter.