Time has stopped in the high street after its biggest clock disappeared. This is not your average clock, in fact, you may have never even used it to tell the time.

Up until a few weeks' ago, Sutton's very own giant sundial sat outside Waterstone's on the High Street.

The armillary, to give it it's official name, was erected at the start of the millennium by the Rotary Club of Sutton to commemorate all the work the club had done over the years.

But at the start of the month, the armillary was knocked off its plinth by vandals.

Although it was initially thought to be the work of would-be metal thieves, police are not treating the incident as a crime.

It was hoped the armillary could be fixed and returned to its home before Christmas, but it has emerged there will be delays as an expert must be drafted in to ensure the sundial is put back so that it reads the time accurately.

Peter Morley, from the rotary club said it is a shame vandals decided to ruin what is in his eyes, "the most beautiful thing on the high street".

Mr Morley, said: "I hope it is back up before Christmas, the lights look wonderful when they are reflected off it. The armillary serves three purposes, not just telling the time. It commemorates time with various inscriptions, including our motto "service above self," and it tells people how far it is to Kingston and other local areas. It has to remain in the same place. The third is to commemorate all the good work the rotary has done."

Councillor Jill Whitehead, chairwoman of Sutton's environment and neighbourhoods committee, said: "We are very disappointed that visitors to the town centre will not be able to enjoy the celestial sphere while doing their Christmas shopping or enjoying a night out.

"However, we look forward to having it back where it belongs in the new year and providing pleasure to visitors for many years to come."