After 10 years of teaching in and around the borough of Croydon, Former Teacher of Art; having left education in 2010 to practice full-time. For over 20 years of producing original works Artist Ian Barrington, living and working in the north of the borough, has taken his practice towards Lowbrow since 2005, is becoming a known figure in the art gallery circuit receiving accolades from fellow well known artists, winning several awards for his works and having held exhibitions in various London galleries and institutions to include The Other Art Fair in May 2012, which saw visitors in excess of 7000 and across the UK showing at The Festival of Lights in Huddersfield, Yorkshire, this coming December, Ian also has shown In Antoni Gaudi’s famous Casa Batllo in Barcelona..

“During my studies I learned that at their time the masters; Goya, Bosch and others were just as contemporary and as we are now – constantly pushing their practice and questioning their nations leaders, politics and religions with hidden meanings shown through gestures, symbols and shadows…. My practice constantly pushes me - sometimes towards a new way of thinking, originally I started through researching towards a thesis in cultural evolution, I really don't know how I got here.. But I’m in love with the journey greatly”

Ian’s practice and direction into Lowbrow began through his exploration into 18th century Romanticism in 2005; for a series of mixed-media pieces mixing happiness and love with scenes of horror – a process which required him to trawl the abattoirs, butchers and Smithfields Market for animal blood to mix with acrylic paint and scouting road kill for Sculptures.

His current muralist style influenced by American Graffiti, Street Art and Religion; centres on faith and ascension, or falling to depths of disillusionment and despair. The segmented paintings illustrate different aspects and juxtaposed perspectives of the same journey, with a kitsch notion of life and death and bringing together religious iconography from Buddhism to Christianity, together with modern culture, blended with reinventions of eons old scenes of joy, pain, freedom and fear, even having found influence in the riots of 2011. Ian also notes one of his best moments was meeting one of Lucian Freud’s sons himself an artist, whom asked for and noted his opinion on other artists at an exhibition earlier this year.

Ian’s work can be seen on his website he also can be followed on twitter @ibarringtonart, and will be showcased at the coming Unhinged Festival in Electric Brixton, 23rd November. Huddersfield Festival of Lights, 7-9th December, also Espacio Gallery, E2 7DG 13-21st December. And is available for commission and sales of current works.

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