Kevin Hurley has been elected as the Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey.

Mr Hurley, an independent candidate, won the election after second preference votes were counted as no candidate had reached a 50 per cent majority of the county’s votes.

Mr Hurley won with 52,793 votes all together , while Ms Iles received 45,068 first and second preference votes.

In the first stage count results, Julie Iles, Conservative candidate, was 0.01 per cent ahead of Mr Hurley. Ms Iles received 34,391 first preference votes, while Mr Hurley received 34,378.

In Elmbridge, Ms Iles received 4,382 first preference votes and  Mr Hurley received 3,772.

In the second preference vote count in Elmbridge, Mr Hurley received a further 1,718 votes and Ms Iles received 1,111.

The other candidates, Robert Evans, Nick O’Shea, Robert Shatwell and Peter Williams, were all eliminated before the second preference votes were counted.

Elmbridge borough had an overall turnout of 15.05 per cent, slighter lower than the national average.