Can you see the spooky image rising from the flames in this picture of the bonfire at Carshalton Park last week?

Carshalton couple Barry and Carmen Sollieux say they were shocked when they looked at a picture they took of the bonfire at the display on Saturday, November 3, and saw the flames taking the shape of a witches face.

Mrs Sollieux, 50, of Brooklyn Close, said: "We looked at the picture and it was in the shape of a witch. We videoed the display and then my husband's camera ran out of space so he started to snap pictures. When they lit the bonfire it whooshed up and he took some pictures.

"When we looked at the picture it was unbelievable - it made a bit spooked to be honest. I saw it immediately. It's got a pointy chin, the nose and then the hair at the back is the hat."