Former mayor Liberal Democrat Councillor Brendan Hudson, Sutton Council member for Stonecot, has resigned.

Dr Hudson said: “After six years representing the people of Stonecot on the council, I am having to stand down because of my election to chair the board of the new NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Board. This will work hard to Commission the best Healthcare for Sutton."

His resignation will mean a byelection in Stonecot on Thursday, December 6, in which Nick Emmerson will represent the Liberal Democrats.

Mr Emmerson said: "I see myself as a community activist rather than a career politician. I will work hard to gain the confidence of the residents across Stonecot.

“Sutton’s Liberal Democrat Council has a long and proud record of standing up for its residents, and I am eager to join the team.”

Dr Hudson, who was mayor of Sutton in 2009 and 2010 was at the full council meeting yesterday but nothing about his resignation was mentioned.