Abbeyfest's theatre stage this year has so far seen a modern reworking of Romeo & Juliet and a musical mixing chocolate with the credit crunch, so here's something completely different, a physical theatre performance with mime and dance.

Senza Lamento is the work of Brazilian Nicole Pschetz and Italian Maria Rita Salvi and revolves around an imaginary encounter between two images of the same person, one past and one present.

It's the third time they have worked together and the idea of using duplicity as the theme came from a common concern between the performers about the loss of identity when living in a cosmopolitan city, as Nicole explains.

"Senza Lamento was a show that was created around our experiences in a big city as foreigners," she says.

"It talks a little bit about those experiences but also tries to make the public relate to these feelings of feeling lonely and frightened in a big city which can happen to anybody, even if you live in that city.

"You will see a bit of both dance and mime as both of our foundations are in mime but we use the techniques we have to try and express ourselves so you will see a mixture of everything.

"There's speech as well and a bit of text, we make use of everything that can help us to express our own views."

Nicole and Maria both trained in corporeal mime but only worked together for first time two years ago.

"We both went to work in an art gallery in Sweden where we had a week to produce a performance around an art work," says Nicole.

"She was a year ahead of me in the training so we hadn't connected much before but we got on and she invited to go to Italy to create a performance at a medieval castle.

"We were then invited back to make a new show for another part of the town and we chose this abandoned house in Old Town and that's where Senza Lamento was created."

Senza Lamento, Abbeyfest, Colour House Theatre, July 27 and 28, 8.30pm, £8. Call 020 8542 5511 or visit