The inauguration of the new leader of the free world is taking place in… Tolworth.

The annual pantomime at the Cornerhouse arts centre in Douglas Road is entitled Trouble in Trumpton and it focuses on the election of the controversial property mogul Mr Donald as mayor of the sleepy town of Trumpton.

Debra Shepherd is taking on the role of the new town mayor, complete with a wig which – according to wardrobe mistress Jenny Hurworth – has been designed to look like “a long-haired gerbil having a fit”.

Richard Williams is taking the part of Mr Farage (who runs the garage), Emily Newton is Mrs Clinton (who runs a card shop of the same name) while Meta Thomas plays Mr Donald’s hard-pressed hairdresser and Tim Harrison plays Mr Donald’s wife, Melamine.

Since the first Cornerhouse pantomime was staged in the late 1980s, the annual January shows have raised £66,500 for charity.

“The biggest challenge has been for the wig department,” admitted director Yaz Nixon. “Creating the perfect thatch for Mr Donald has been a project we’ve been working on for months.”

As usual there is a small tribe of children in the show, playing firefighters and builders.

“Against the backdrop of all the recent shenanigans in this country and the United States, this pantomime’s story seems like a breath of sanity,” added Yaz.

“At least with this show, the audience can show their approval and disapproval for the goodies and baddies in the traditional way.”

Trouble in Trumpton, written by Tim Harrison, runs at the Cornerhouse on January 23, 24, 25, 27 and 28 every evening at 7.45pm, with a Saturday matinee at 4pm. A few tickets remain, and they are available at £9 or £7 concessions. More details at