Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Peter Jenkinson looks at six of the best gadgets for LEGO lovers.

Apparently, there are enough LEGO bricks in circulation to allow every single person on earth to own 62 each. Indeed, there must be few of us who don't have fond childhood memories of playing with this addictive and iconic Danish brand.

A love of LEGO doesn't have to stay rooted in your past though - these brilliant new products are ready for you to start building up a new collection.

Builders brew

Building brick mug - £19.99 from

Get set for your in-office productivity to plummet with the arrival of this new drinking vessel. Compatible with not just LEGO but many other construction pieces too, it'll allow you to create superb structures on its outside and, more importantly, ensure it never gets mixed up with co-worker cups.

Just in case

iPhone 5 case - £19.99 from

Available in a number of hues, this fantastic phone case keeps your handset free from harm and lets all manner of creations be added to the back for a truly bespoke look. Pop a few LEGO pieces in your pocket and instead of wasting your commute on digital on-screen pursuits, actually create something.

Light up

LEGO lights torch - £9.99 from

Standing at 19cm high this supersized minifigure has LEDs stashed in his foot, ready to illuminate the way as you read or head to the fridge for that midnight feast. With posable arms and legs for angling the light, these figures are both practical and a great addition for a more exciting-looking shelf.

Sterling stuff

LEGO jewellery - from £49 see

After seeing LEGO inspired but sub-standard quality jewellery, Lisa Taylor took her design idea to the brick-builders' HQ for an official licence; and they said yes. Now, each of her pieces comes with a couple of additional bits so you can change the look every day, making it as outrageous - or not - as you please.

Food for thought

Stack and Snack utensils set - £14.99 from

This brightly coloured set of cutlery will be just the inspiration kids need to ditch their finger food eating ways. Stacking together means they take up less space in the drawer and are also ideal for neatly-packed lunch boxes.

Boxing clever

LEGO Storage boxes - from £8.42 see

From the simple single-stud shaped brick to the full eight-studded variety, these storage units are available in loads of sizes and colours, and are a great way to keep your stuff in retro style. Oversized minifigure heads which can stack on top of each other are also available.

App of the Week - Tablepouncer - free on iTunes and Google Play

This app is all about saving you time and money as you search for last minute restaurant availability. Search your areas by cuisine, price, ideal ambience and locality and it'll present you with your options. Each restaurant is presented with independent reviews and also, when you book, a code is delivered to get you your table, and also a likely discount.


Top 10 paid for apps for android phones

1. Minecraft - Pocket Edition

2. The Chase

3. Plants vs. Zombies

4. Tab for Google Maps & offline map

5. Fruit Drops - Match three puzzle

6. Asphalt 8: Airborne

7. Kindle Fire Camera Video HD

8. Despicable Me 2 Game

9. Classic Catch Phrase

10. Alice Trapped in Wonderland

Top 10 free apps for android phones

1. 4Pics 1Word - What's the Word Init

2. Baby Care & Baby Hospital

3. Dumb Ways To Live

4. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

5. Playtime

6. vTube - viewer & downloader for YouTube

7. UNOTM & Friends - The Classic Card Game

8. Dots: A Game About Connecting

9. BBC iPlayer

10. BBC Media Player

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