Based on the popular cartoon series, Dora The Explorer, Dora Puppy is a game where you have to help Dora look after her puppy, Perrito.

Most the tasks are pretty basic – you have to play with it, bath it, feed it.

There's even a rather odd section where you have to buy clothes for Perrito and dress the puppy up in a selection funky hats. Later on you are given the chance to win a trophy for Perrito in the Big Puppy Competition.

Your Local Guardian: Game review: Dora Puppy - Nintendo DS

The controls are pretty basic and mostly consist of using the DS Stylus. It's a smart move by the developers that makes the game very easy to get to grips with, making it perfect for the younger audience.

The developers 2K Games, have even made use of the DS microphone so when playing fetch you have to shout “bring it back Perrito” and “Good boy”. You can also teach Perrito to sit, roll over and do tricks such as back flips.

Your Local Guardian: Game review: Dora Puppy - Nintendo DS

Where other pet simulators have a much wider element of freedom, Dora narrates the player through each task, teaching the user how to care for their pet whilst incorporating a healthy level of curriculum. Many tasks will depend on the players ability to recognise certain colours and shapes.

With it's pleasant and simple presentation and it's emphasis on pet-care and responsibility, Dora Puppy is an ideal game for the 3-5 year old audience.

Pedigree: 7 out of 10