Six of the best gadgets and gizmos on a theme. This week: Six of the best beach gadgets.

A day out to the seaside should be - weather permitting - good enough as it is; but thanks to these nifty gadgets, it can be even better.

Tune in

iShower Bluetooth Speaker £94.99 from

This water-resistant device is ideal for unleashing your tunes on the beach and can be paired with up to five separate Bluetooth devices so everyone can stick on their playlists. A very decent sound is delivered from almost any device from up to 200 metres away, so you can keep your smartphone well away from the wet stuff. Just remember to be considerate of those around you, and don't play it too loud...

Digging deep

Scoppi - £17.99 from

A brand new range of beach toys has just arrived on our shores from Belgian outfit Quut, and this is one of the flagship models. A sturdy spade, it won't let junior constructors down like its many flimsy predecessors. It is also ergonomically near-perfect, so digging with bare feet isn't a worry.

Family feast

Cadac Cook and Grill 230 - £49.95 at

This griller stands out from the rest of the pack because it is the most compact gas powered unit you'll find. It'll take up no space in the car boot on the way to the beach, and manages to squeeze on a reversible griddle/fry plate once you're there. The clip-on legs and carry-case make it an even greater all-rounder.

Feeling buoyant

Swimfin - £21.99 from

Keep the kids safe, and offer yourself some peace of mind, by strapping one of these superb buoyancy aids onto their backs. They might be inclined to take off arm bands when they play, but they are likely to see wearing these as fun fancy dress rather than a serious safety precaution.

Play time

Sun Bum Bat and Ball set - £24.99 from

With a classic bat and ball set in your arsenal, you've got the perfect entertainment for all ages. This high quality set comes complete with a couple of balls, pair of decent wooden bats and a nylon bag to keep them all together. Pick it up and have a quick knock-about, or (for the more competitive amongst you) set some rules and start a tournament.

Bouncing back

Inflatable Globe - £9.99 from

An inflatable super-sized beach ball that's also a globe. What more could you want? This 50cm ball is the perfect size for easy kick-abouts on the sand or spectacular saves in the water, all while the kids are learning about the world.

App of the week

Moonpig - free on iOS and Android

With this app on your smartphone you can take snaps of your holidays, upload them and then Moonpig will create a postcard to send home, without the bother of trying to remember the local word for stamp. They cost from £1.50.