Come first of May I scan the skies

For telltale glimpse of sickle wings,

Those joyful screaming cries, glad to welcome them once more 

To England green and dear,

For summer never can begin for me until they're here.

Yes the swifts have arrived!. My first sighting took place on 2nd May but clearly they were not local birds as they were flying fast and direct in a northerly direction bound for their chosen location elsewhere.

I did'nt see any more until 9th  May when in a brief sunny spell ten were wheeling and screaming high above. This was the latest date I've ever recorded them but over the bank holiday then weather changed into a windy polar chill restricting flying insect activity.

When this happens swifts may fly hundreds of miles in a single day to locate high pressure and more aerial plankton to feed on, sometimes leaving chicks in the nest unfed for several hours. Such long distance flights mean nothing to them as they remain constantly airborne all year until nesting.

Some years ago poet Ted Hughes famously wrote that when he saw swifts return he knew the world was 'still working'! That was then but is it working now? For, since the nineteen seventies, so much wildlife including swifts has declined steeply. Sadly, my once local colony is not here to enjoy any more as the tall building where they had nested for decades had its roof sealed two years ago. 

So, come on developers! Install swift nest boxes in all new and indeed, older buildings as a matter of routine.