TwickFolk is welcoming the Southern Tenant Folk Union to The Cabbage Patch pub this weekend. The seven-piece group were recently name Americana Artist of the Year at the British Country Music Awards off the back of their third album release, The New Farming Scene, and some rousing live performances. The band’s founder, Pat McGarvey, spoke to Will Gore ahead of the gig.

What have you got planned for the TwickFolk gig?

We've got a great mix of tunes from all of our albums - we're incorporating material from our new record, Pencaitland, which will be released in June. There will be all kinds of songs including uptempo barnstormers, traditional tunes, folk-pop, murder ballads and even an acapella vocal song.

How would you describe the band's sound?

I'd say we're a seven piece all-acoustic band. We are fully democratic in songwriting and performance and this leads to the band sounding like 'us', as well as trying to incorporate Scottish folk and old time string band elements.

How do you rate the current British folk scene?

It certainly seems healthy to me - a few bands are now on major record labels, something you wouldn't have thought possible even five years ago - plus despite the tougher economic times the music fans are still willing to go out of their way to support live music.

Favourite record of all time?

It's probably I Know You Got Soul by Bobby Byrd. It was co-written by James Brown, Charles Bobbitt and Mr Byrd himself and is the most simple funk groove and repetitive lyric 'thang' ever, but I don't mind that kind of repetition when it's so good. It demands to be danced too. In fact I'm going to play it to my children this afternoon and see if it gets them going. I bet it will.

Does the band enjoy life on the road?

I certainly do and I think the rest of the band do - it can be tiring of course but it's always a great adventure, you're always meeting lovely people and there's the music mission we're on at the centre of all that.

Who has got the worst tour bus/dressing room habit?

Probably me and my constant back seat driving/interference...either that or lead singers Ewan's occasional flagrant disregard for clean and presentable stage shirts.

Southern Tennant Folk Union, TwickFolk, The Cabbage Patch, Twickenham, March 27, 8pm, £9 (in advance),