Their style is strictly gypsy-rap-rock-ska-funk-reggae and they formed after meeting at Kingston Univeristy. Band member Miles Lacey introduces us to The Band Elastique.

Introduce the band

I’m Miles and I sing and play guitar. There is also Tim Fulker (guitar, banjo, vocals), Jon Hills (melodica), Michelle Derby (percussion), Matt Perkins (bass/vocals), Rupert Wilson (drums) and Hannah Rose (accordion/flute/voice). We are from all over the country but we are all based in Kingston now.


We are a gypsy-rap-rock-ska-funk-reggae band. We are influenced solely by good music. We have an interesting array of instruments so whatever we play always has an elastique sound to it.

When did it all start?

We all met in Kingston University studying music, although the band didn't actually get formed untill the last three months of our third year. We started with a bang - our first ever gig was a Battle of the Bands contest which we won.

Where do you play?

We have two big gigs coming up. First up we're joining forces with the Kingston University Snowboard and Ski Society and we’re going to throw a big acoustic gig on Wednesday at Woody’s Bar by the river in Kingston and on April 4 we will be playing the new Plank night at The Fighting Cocks.

Any singles/EPs/albums?

We are in the process of sorting out some quality recordings. It should be ready in May.

You are one of the founders of Kingston’s Our Friends Records (OFR) - tell us about the label’s mission

We want to create a platform in the community for musicaims of all ages to come and play/record/learn/dance. We want to be such a communty of friends, artists, musicains, designers, photographers and engineers so that we can be a hub for the local youth.

And OFR organise some club nights too, don’t they?

We now run three nights - the Our Friends Open Mic at the Kingston Mill on the first Tuesday of every month, the monthly Skive all-ages band night at Kingston College[the next one is on March 27 and will be headlined by local heroes Kurran and the Wolfnotes] and our new venutre Plank at the Fighting Cocks.

Anything else

Check us out at

KUSS acoustic night featuring The Band Elastique, Woodys, March 17, 8pm. The band will also play an OFR charity night at Kingston Mill on April 6. For more information, visit