We know you're always on the lookout for a great meal so we've put together a list of the best places to grab a  bite to eat around Croydon according to reviews on TripAdvisor.

1) McDermott's, Featherhead Road

This is no ordinary fish and chips shop. Situated smack bang in the middle of three of Croydon’s golf courses, the restaurant offers a blend between fine dining and hearty eatery.

“Excellent place for a casual Friday evening out with the family for an upmarket bit of fresh fish,” as one reviewer said.

While the lines to get in are often long, that doesn’t mean you’ll be in for a long wait. And besides, as another reviewer put it “the locally brewed ales are a nice tasty touch.” So, you’ll be able to enjoy yourself even before the meal gets to you.

2) Karnavar Restaurant, South End

Your Local Guardian:

Innovation is the name of the game at Karnavar. There’s the old favourites that apparently won’t disappoint, but should you take the advice of Tony221254 on TripAdvisor, you might want to change it up when you head there.

“Service was excellent but the real star is the Chef. He produces dishes with flair and that are inventive. The menu has some of the usual Indian dishes, but my advice would be ask the staff what to eat.”

No doubt that Tony will be back there soon.

3) Little Bay Restaurant, Selsdon Road

Your Local Guardian:

The décor and atmosphere of this French restaurant has as much to do with its success as the food.

Truly a restaurant for all the senses. Whether it’s the circus-like interior, or the creamy, rich food, reviewers say this fine dining establishment will leave you feeling like you’ve had a night on the town without ever leaving your seat.

“Little Bay is a fun evening out with singers serving you,” one satisfied customer said. “The decor is set out to look like a theatre too.”

4) Albert’s Table, South End

Your Local Guardian:

Already our second restaurant featured on the South End strip, this time bringing British food to the foray.

The flavours this restaurant produces appear to be truly something special.

“This is definitely unlike anything else locally,” Jason E wrote on TripAdvisor. “I don't think you would call this food cutting edge, but neither is it safe cuisine.”

5) Bagattis, South End

Your Local Guardian:

Let’s make it three of the top five for the fabled South End, this time bringing the flavour of Italy to Croydon.

Reviewers find it a feast for the eyes as much as a taste bud sensation; you can go there for lovely lunch and eat in the sun or move inside for a romantic dinner.

Like all good Italian restaurants, Bagattis doesn’t skimp when it comes to desserts as Martina H said.

“The Desserts are a highlight, "a must taste.”

6) Yaalu Yalu, Addington Road

Your Local Guardian:

With one of the highest “excellent” ratings on this list, you can hardly find a bad word said about this cosy Asian restaurant.

“We have now been twice to this restaurant, both times the food was excellent especially the prawns and sea bass,” Paul H said.

“Best Sri Lankan food I've ever tried in the UK,” pj198023 added.

7) Indigo, George Street

Your Local Guardian:

This shop may be small on size but it seems it is big on flavour. While it still offers the sit-down meal that many crave, this place delivers to the people a perfect place to pop down to for lunch, or at least that’s what Tripadvisor commentator Sonal P would have you thinking.

“I came here very often to lunch with my MOM! It was always such a delight. We had our 2 fave meals (chilli chips & papdi chaat!), but often tempted to work our way through the menu!.”

8) KK's Texan Grill House, High Street

Your Local Guardian:

This one’s for the carnivores amongst you. From ribs to fajitas to strawberry flavoured tequila, this tex-mex restaurant TripAdvisor reviewers say it will certainly leave you feeling satisfied.

“Eating on your own can be an uninspiring experience so it is always a pleasant surprise to be made to feel really welcome, as happened at KK's,” Adrianintheuk3 let Tripadvisor know.

9) Cadillac Diner, Wickham Road

Your Local Guardian:

If you want to take a trip back to the 60s then this is the place for you.

“The restaurant itself is spacious and plays great music from 50/60s,” wrote denisedV3843VW. “Food is good, some of the burgers are enormous and the meat is such good quality.”

10) Karachi Cuisine, London Road

Your Local Guardian:

Rounding out the top ten is this flavoursome Indian and Pakistani restaurant where the cuisine will leave your taste buds tingling.

Be it breakfast, lunch or dinner, reviewers say this restaurant certainly doesn’t compromise quantity for quality.

“We visited it was great atmosphere,” Ashfaq1 noted on Tripadvisor. “Great and delicious food grilled chicken, nihari, chicken sheikh kabab, chicken baryani, butter naan, cold drinks and ice cream and it was outstanding.”