As a lover of Indian Food I was excited when I was invited down to sample the menu at Fushia Restaurant.

I love a good curry, but rarely find restaurants I would return to because I often discover the dishes lack flavour.

With this in mind I made my way past the numerous restaurant's and bars in South End to Fushia, where after my first mouthful I knew I'd be back.

Unlike with most restaurants, when you step through Fushia’s door you can't see any tables, as the restaurant is set back from the main road.

Walking down the steps into the main dining area you instantly feel at home surrounded by the authentic sculptures, art work and colourful Indian drapes.

Greeted by the owner Srini, my guest and I took our seats and let him talk us through the diverse menu.

We were delighted to find the menu offered more than the usual curry classics, with Malaysian and Sri Lankan speciality dishes also on offer.

Eager to try something new but unsure where to start, we let Srini choose our starters.

He chose Chilli Chicken- stir fried chicken with fresh green chillies and spring onion (£6.95), Garlic Chilli Mogo- a vegetarian dish of South African cassava fried and tossed with chilli garlic sauce (£5.95) and Calamari- the squid is marinated in aromatic Indian spices before being deep fried (£6.95).

Generous portions of all three dishes were bought to the table. The Chilli Chicken was my favourite, spicy but not overly so, cooked to perfection and and full of flavour.

The Garlic Chilli Mogo was served with peppers and onion, although a vegetarian dish, I would order it again to revisit the unique flavours.

I'm not keen on seafood so I only tasted a small piece of calamari, but my guest assured me the batter was crispy and the squid non-chewy, which was exactly what he wanted.

For my main I decide to stay away from the typical chicken tikka masala, chicken korma and lamb madras, but all are on offer for the less adventurous.

Instead I opted for a Lamb Kothu Roti (£6.95), a Sri Lankan speciality which combines strips of a bread called Roti, with vegetables, meat and various spices.

Traditionally served with egg, the dish kothu is mixed and chopped using two blunt metal blades.

I wasn't sure what it would look like, but the taste exceeded my expectations. The dish appeared similar to strands of tagliatelle mixed with onion, chillies and tender pieces of lamb.

The kothu was flavourful and like nothing I'd tasted before.

My guest played it safe choosing chicken tikka pieces (£6.95) and garlic naan (£2.00), for his main.

He also tried Tandoori Jhinga- four massive tiger prawns marinated in ethnic Indian spices served in a sizzler (£9.95).

The prawns were beautifully presented on a bed of onion and peppers and the chicken pieces were large, tender and moist.

The naan bread was cooked for just the right amount of time to produce a slightly crispy outer layer, while remaining soft and oozing garlic butter.

Despite all we had eaten, we still found room for dessert (£3 each).

My guest opted for a moist chocolate pot with layers of chocolate sponge cake and ice cream, and I had toffee ice cream with little toffee pieces on top.

Fushia's menu caters for every eater, from those who like the traditional curry to those eager to try new things, and the chefs are more than happy to amend their dishes to suit the customer.

Prices may seem a little higher than you would pay at the average Indian restaurant, but that's because this is not your average Indian restaurant.

It is Indian food but not as you probably know it- give it a try.

Fushia, 3 Brighton Road, Croydon, CR2 6EA, 02086808833