Summertime for some is filled with barbecues and ice creams and the opportunity to sink a few cold ones in a beer garden but apparently you can also eat healthily at this time of year too.

We enlisted the help of HelloFresh’s co-founder and head chef Patrick Drake to set us straight.

He told us: “It is often easier to eat healthily in the summer with so much tasty fruit and veg in season and lighter meals seeming far more appealing.

“If you cook at home you will find it easier to eat healthy food, as you know exactly what goes into each meal you have so there is no hidden sugar or high salt levels you don’t know about.

“I love coming up with amazing power salad recipes people can easily make at home themselves that are filling, packed with flavour and really nutritious.”

For those not yet in the know, HelloFresh – which we can highly recommend, by the way – is a weekly box delivered to your house which contains the ingredients (in precise portions) and recipes for a handful of tasty and nutritious meals.

Earlier this year, the company received a boost from a kindred spirit and fellow food revolutionary Jamie Oliver, who got involved to contribute some recipes.

Patrick shared with us his three top tips for healthy eating this summer:

1. Prepare more of your own meals

Cooking food at home puts you in complete control of what you eat. With the help of our precise HelloFresh ingredients, you are in a better position to monitor and understand exactly what is going into your meals.

2. Avoid grazing throughout the day

By preparing nutritious and filling meals like a power salad you are more likely to stay fuller for longer and not be tempted to snack on something only momentarily satisfying.

3. Fill up on Fruit and Veg

The benefits from a diet containing a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables are limitless. Not only will you be feeling more energetic and healthier in general but you will guarantee that your body receives all of its necessary vitamins and minerals by increasing your intake.  

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