Five ambitious art students have just completed their foundation courses in art and design at Richmond Upon Thames College and before heading off to university and art college they have organised Anklebiter, an exhibition at the Hepsibah Gallery, Hammersmith, that will showcase their work.

Two members of the group, Deme Georghiou, a sculptor from Chiswick, and graphic designer Luke Smith, from Isleworth, gave us an insight into their art.

Describe your artwork

DG: I have been working at lot with resin, fibreglass and various casting processes recently (above left).

LS: I used to think my work would fit into the fine art category but over the years I have developed a more graphic style.

How did you get into art?

DG: I think from an early age it was something I was really interested in. I used to spend a lot of time drawing and making things. My parents also took me to a lot of galleries and museums.

LS: I was always into sports but I found that I could not express myself as I would have liked, as an alternative I started to draw and then I became more passionate about art.

How did Richmond Upon Thames College help develop your art?

DG: I think it highlighted how independent you need to be. I did a two year national diploma at Richmond and our teachers were always on our case, which I found far easier than having to work for it myself.

LS: It helped me find and fulfill my for passion printmaking.

Tell us about the Anklebiter exhibition

There was a group of us at college who had been saying it would be great to exhibit some work together so we went out hunting for a place and found the Hepsibah Gallery in Hammer-smith, which is a 13ft cube that really allowed us to experiment with the display and create an installation feel. We have several paintings, prints, photographs, sculptures, drawings and a large installation.

LS: I have been working on some photography pieces for the show (above right). I looked into old religious paintings of different saints and wondered what would the contrast be like if I took pictures of someone who is the complete opposite to a saint in a religious manner. There will be prints of different sizes and frames.

Anklebiter featuring Deme Georghiou, Luke Smith, James Cripps, Chloe-Amber Bedminster and John Hughes, Hepsibah Gallery, Hammersmith, July 31 - August 6,