‘What will this weekend’s National Lottery numbers be?’

A question TV medium and psychic, Sally Morgan, is often asked by eager members of her audience, along with ‘When will John/Fred/Bill finally ask me to marry them...’?

Does the fact that Morgan is not winning the lottery week after week in any way diminish her psychic ability?

“I believe we need cynics and sceptics, they ask the questions,” says Morgan, who has just embarked on a long countrywide tour.

“Unless we ask questions, we don’t get answers. On the other hand, cynics and sceptics can be obstructive because they have fear.”

Morgan’s confidence comes with the fact she is performing to sell out audiences, comprising of people desperate for messages from loved ones who have passed away.

“I talk to people who are dead,” says Morgan, matter-of-factly. “People are always on the edge of their seats, I want to create a feeling of expectation.”

Her stalwart fans communicate questions to Morgan before the show, leaving her messages on film, on bits of paper (to later be drawn out of a ‘psychic orb’) and by having their picture taken.

Upon ‘opening up’ Morgan estimates she can deliver messages from the dead to up to 50 people per night.

“People come to the show because they want a message. I try and understand each person as an individual and make the show as interactive as possible.”

She is also revered by people with parallel careers to her own; “Up until my tour, I had never met another medium. But since I have been touring, I get at least 20 in the audience every night, I have a huge following amongst mediums.”

Morgan invites the audience to stay after the show, where she signs their programmes and tour merchandise and over half usually take her up on this offer.

Relatively unknown until 18 months ago, the psychic from New Malden now has her own TV show, autobiography and celebrity fans including; George Michael, Uma Thurman and Robert DeNiro.

Shows like ‘Most Haunted’ and self-confessed ‘mentalist’ Derren Brown have helped raised the profile of the paranormal; “Even 20 years ago it was frowned upon, but now it is an acceptable genre,” says Morgan.

So what are this weekend’s lottery numbers?

“We took the decision not to give messages to journalists,” apologies Morgan. “In the end its all that their article becomes about... ”

Instead yourlocalguardian will gaze into their crystal ball, we predict: 1, 8, 13, 14, 19, 23, 48...

Sally Morgan at New Wimbledon Theatre, January 28, 7.30. £22. For tickets visit www.ambassadortickets.com or call 0870 060 6644.

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