Are you an organiser? Ostrich or home maker? Psychology and health expert Professor Cary Cooper, from the Lancaster University Management School has identified the following types of mover:

The Organiser

Not everyone knows exactly what they want when they arrive at a development but The Organiser has researched everything and is ready to make that move. They know the home they want, they know what extras they want to personalise their new home and have everything in place to get the move underway immediately.

“Often the organiser will be a busy couple with children who need to be organised in their lives,'' said Cary.

The Ostrich

They want a new home, they like what they see but they are not familiar with the house buying process and really don't want to know about it. But life is not bad for The Ostrich – they can call upon the sales team every step of the way making the move as easy and swift as possible. They didn't need to know everything after all.

The Home Maker

This is where show hom es come into their own – The Home Maker loves to visualise how they could furnish their new home, what accessories look best in which room and they know the latest kitchen appliances that will look fabulous in their new home.

“Not surprisingly the Home Maker will often be a busy mum with a large family whose priority is to create the perfect home,'' said Cary. The Last Minute Mover Deadlines are no friend of the Last Minute Mover – they get everything done in time – just!

Everyone pitches in to help them out but when it comes to moving day they are still packing up as they leave their previous home. “I would expect to see more of these movers as the market and economy pick up and people suddenly decided to move,'' said Cary.

The Delegator

They know their strengths whether it is choosing the right home or securing the best mortgage deal. But for everything else they rely on the experts to get it right whether that is the legal side of ! the move or the removals company. Cary says men will often fit the bill for delegators, perhaps handling the mortgage but leaving much of the rest of the work to their partner.

Eager Beaver

They want a home and they want it now. They often have a growing family and need more space so take advantage of schemes like part exchange to make a quick, hassle free move.