Forget the New Year’s resolution to eat less, I have decided I am going to eat more.

So with that in mind I headed to Brazilian grill Rodizio Preto, in the Broadway, Wimbledon.

The idea behind it is simple. For £19.95 you can eat as much Brazilian cooked meats as you can.

Diners are given a two-sided disk to control the pace of their meal.

Those hungry for more keep the green side of the disk facing upwards. Passadors will bring skewers of sizzling meats that are carved at the table.

I chomped down on spicy sausage, sizzling steaks and chicken wrapped in bacon. My favourite dish was the pork loin, which was tender and juicy.

Customers can help themselves to as many different hot and cold dishes from the buffet bar.

I enjoyed the beef and cheese croquettes, however the Brazilian beans looked like they had been sat out for a while.

The cold salads on offer were nothing spectacular, just your usual potato salad, coleslaw and iceberg lettuce.

It was great fun for our Christmas party meal. However, by the end of it I was stuffed and concerned I would not fit into my little black dress for New Year’s Eve.

I also felt I was racing to get through the meat and did not really chat to my fellow guests.

I definitely recommend making full use of the disc and flipping over as soon as you start to feel a bit overwhelmed.

Rodizio Preto; the Broadway, Wimbledon;