With the last lazy days of summer in sight, thoughts turn back to school and with it, the prospect of books, misplaced homework, and the dreaded school run, writes Jamie Henderson.

TV presenter and mum-of-four Kirstie Allsopp reveals her top tips for clearing out the clutter and giving the home some seasonal TLC.

Allsopp says: “It’s all about cleaning up and clearing out. If you haven’t used something in several months, if it’s not useful or attractive, then out it goes.

“But remember, your trash can be someone else’s treasure, so use freecycle, online auction it, car-boot it or donate it to a charity shop if it’s good and functioning.

“You can create a lovely feature wall of framed photos in different sized frames or hang those pieces of artwork and award certificates and display them in your child’s room so they can see them and feel proud.”

If you want to get children into the habit of keeping their things tidy, why not choose storage they will enjoy having in their rooms?

Fabric storage boxes, pictured, are a great way to help get kids’ bedrooms into order.

While a traditional bookcase is still a great way to get organised, consider putting up floating shelves to display  items.

Try fitting shelves like a white lacquered floating shelf kit high up or above doors to give a room a fantastic effect.