There is something very comforting about the Green Dragon pub.

Maybe it is the I Love Croydon post-it notes on the window, or the bubbly atmosphere, or just the great mix of characters you get in there.

Whatever it is, when you first walk through those doors you know you are in a proper pub. When I say ‘proper’ I mean how a pub should be, a fun place to be.

Pubspy walks into some pubs nowadays and thinks  it is like walking into one of those Western movies from the 1960s.

The barman looks at you like you are an alien and the three locals, or stooges, at the bar eye you up as though they are planning how to quietly kill you.

Thankfully there is no such feeling in the Green Dragon as usually you are greeted with a warm smile by a lovely and kind blond lady who I can only assume is the owner.

There is always something going on in this pub it seems, whether it is football on the telly, live music or stand up comedy.

Having a look around the pub, I quickly notice they have jazz on a Sunday afternoon in their upstairs venue, which I can imagine is quite pleasant with a nice glass of vino.

Speaking of alcohol, the selection of beers was fantastic. As an ale drinker I was not disappointed. They had ales from all over the place, including Croydon where I enjoyed two very nice pints of Cronx and Clarence and Fredericks.

They have a decent food menu, with some good deals and good pub food. There really isn’t much to hate about this place and if you are not careful it is easy to stay there all night.

The Green Dragon, High Street, Croydon

How it rated:
Decor: **** Quirky, love all the beer mats on the wall.
Drink: **** A wide selection of beers, lovely.
Price: *** Not cheap but not pricy, works for me.
Atmosphere: ***** Cracking!
Staff: ***** They have good banter.