As an avid fan of all things spooky and Halloween, I recently had the opportunity to visit the terrifyingly fantastic Shocktober Fest at Tulleys Farm.

Shocktober Fest Scream Park is an immersive Halloween festival which features 11 different horror attractions, with vampires, ghosts, and goblins lurking around every corner.

Now I must confess, this was not my first, nor was it my second visit to Shocktober Fest – it was actually my third.

And the reason I come back every year?


Your Local Guardian: The farm transforms into a spine-tingling spectacle jam-packed with adrenaline junkies and dare devils, as they brave the mazes with monsters lurking in the dark.

The moment you set foot on Tulley's Farm; you'll realize it's no ordinary trip to the countryside.

The vibes are unmatched; the atmosphere is so eerie that you can't help but laugh at your own nervousness.

The mazes themselves are the true stars of the show, and each one offers a unique and pulse-pounding experience.

Your Local Guardian: The first maze I ventured into was Doom Town, and it felt like I had walked straight into a 1980’s style horror film.

The attention to detail in the set design and the commitment of the actors to their roles were outstanding.

Your Local Guardian:

The second maze, and the scariest of them all, Electrik Circus, was equally bone-chilling, with a disturbingly colourful and loud atmosphere with clowns I can only picture in my nightmares.

We were able to try all of the mazes at the park, including Hell-Ements, The Island, Circus of Horror, and the all-new Haunted Hayride ‘Route 666’.

Your Local Guardian: From Wasteland Penitentiary, where you'll find yourself lost in strobe lights and half-dead prisoners, to Coven of 13, where witches and warlocks will put a spell on you - pun intended – each maze is unique, and hilariously horrifying.

Shocktober Fest offers not only terrifying thrills but also top-notch entertainment.

Live music, talented street performers, and scrumptious food and beverages are all part of the fun.

Your Local Guardian: Gyros available at Shocktober FestGyros available at Shocktober Fest (Image: NQ)It's like a spooky carnival, and you might just find yourself laughing – or crying - your way through the entire evening.

For those who can't wait to get to the fun, consider splurging on the fast track passes.

Your Local Guardian: Shocktober Fest at Tulleys Farm is not for the faint of heart; it's an intense, heart-pounding adventure that's best enjoyed by those who revel in the fear and adrenaline of the Halloween season.

If you're looking for a thrilling, memorable, and utterly terrifying experience, this is the place to be.

I can't recommend it enough, and I can't wait to return for more screams and scares for my fourth visit next year.