The opening of the new café Fika has Kingston buzzing

– Come in for a fresh coffee or cake break!

By Shannon Barkley-Nakajima 
Surbiton High School

From a hearty breakfast to a well-balanced tasty lunch, accommodating everyone’s taste buds, Fika presents enticing, scrumptious pastries, a perfectly brewed coffee and all you can dream of when feeling like a quick bite. The café offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of the lively town, Kingston, and is located only a road down from the popular local attraction – Richmond Park (roughly 5.4 million visitors annually) – home to wildlife, walkers, cyclists, children, pets…

Fika is a new independent, women-owned business, located in the heartiest place of North Kingston. The corner of King’s Road has been transformed into a cosy space where one can find a moment for relaxation, in addition to its homely aromas, café sounds and sweet staff. But don’t take my word for it, why not pop in for yourself for a tasty treat to soothe away the stress of a busy day?

After multiple trips there, it’s hard not to notice the warm and welcoming atmosphere; Fika introduces itself with its incredible aromas as you walk by, and it’s themed architecture has been carefully thought out, blending in with its homely ambiance. Fika captures the essence of nature in their cosy interior design and to top that off, it’s dog-friendly! 

New but incredibly tasty, after opening in July of 2021, Fika has won over the hearts of the local Kingstonians and visitors with its inviting menu of delectable food: bagels, paninis, freshly squeezed juice, moist baked pastries, brewed coffee, pancakes, waffles and much more.

After a short interview on the weekend, at the most hectic hour of the day, I asked 18 customers for their review on Fika– from taste, menu to the ambiance of the café. Their overall rating was 4.8/5! A response from one of the customers, Jonathan Clark (45) shared his opinion, “Love coming here for a quick coffee after my morning cycle. It starts my day off good. The food is amazing and the owner’s super friendly. I don’t trust anyone else with my medium almond latte anymore!” reflecting positive feedback. 

A senior student, Aaria Raveendran (14) said, “I come here with my mum for fresh juice and waffles. 5/5 because its so close and so good. The atmosphere is also really cosy and I’ll definitely be coming back to study in the outside area.”

Another example of some feedback from a primary school student Titus Yeong (7) said “I love the owner and the dog. She lets me walk him down the road sometimes and the chocolate chip cookie is my favourite. It’s the best cookie me and my friend have ever had so we usually come here after school.”

Fika introduces itself with its incredible aromas as you walk by, and it’s themed architecture has been carefully thought out and blends in with its homely ambiance. Feel like a snack or drink outside? Fika caters for indoor and outdoor seating both effortlessly creating a sense of serenity, and even providing a bowl of refreshments for your furry friends! The owner additionally takes pride in the inclusivity of her staff being hired from all backgrounds and the LGBTQ plus community. 

Fika comes from the Swedish word meaning, ‘Coffee and Cake break.’ The title doesn’t do this café justice as it’s so much more than just a café from my own experience there and the feedback from others; Fika is a statement of attitude and part of Swedish culture. From what I’ve seen, Fika is  a joy to dine in any time of the day and  welcome to everyone!