If your new year’s resolution to get in shape is just a distant memory then now’s the time to get back on track. Kyle Hylton, head instructor at Wiz Fitness, talks about what’s on offer at their studio in Purley...

We have all considered joining a gym or a fitness club at the start of the year in a bid to stave off those extra pounds we’ve put on over Christmas.

But if you’ve lapsed in your bid to stay trim then fear not, help is at hand with a new fitness class in Purley.

Wiz Fitt was launched this month offering a range of options and resources to help you get in shape.

“Wiz Fitness was created because I wanted people to learn and train the right way,” said Kyle.

“There’s so much information out there, it’s difficult as a consumer to know which sources to trust.

“Wiz Fitness is a hub where people can learn the correct information and train properly while also feeling a part of a community. I always tell my clients that with the right knowledge, comes the right results."

Providing a class in this part of south London was important to Kyle with many people being put off by having to travel before they even begin their exercise regime.

“Wiz Fitt is a 30 minute high intensity fitness class which launched this month in the brand new state of the art studio at Kings Gym in Purley," he said.

“Every time I have looked online or read a review about any type of fitness class the locations always seem to be in Central London.

“I feel the local residents of Croydon should know more about what fitness options they have in the area and make them aware of what they can get involved with.

“My aim with launching this fitness class is to try and make our community a fitter and healthier place and having lived in Croydon my entire life, I am very passionate about making a positive change in the area.

“Wiz Fitness was created almost seven years ago now where I started creating home workout videos and sharing them with the public via social media.

“Again, the aim from the start was to just get people moving with the intention of helping them be-come fitter.

“So far the YouTube channel has accumulated 21,000 subscribers and close to 4 million views although we still have a long way to go to see out the mission.

“I also think this would be a good way to shine light on the great things happening locally and help to change the perception people seem to have of Croydon.”

Full details at wizfitness.co.uk