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Members Allowance Scheme 2018 - 2022

Notice ID: SUT0811535

Notice effective from
27th September 2018 to 27th October 2018

Members Allowance Scheme 2018 - 2022

The London Borough of Croydon hereby gives notice in accordance with Regulations 16 and 22 of the Local Authorities (Members' Allowances) (England) Regulations 2003 (No 1021), as amended, of the following matters relating to the Members' Allowance Scheme.

The Scheme was implemented with effect from 23 May 2018 and has effect until May 2022. The Scheme provides for a Basic Allowance payable to all Members, and an annual Special Responsibility Allowance (paid in addition to Basic Allowance) to those holding positions with special responsibilities. Councillors' Basic and Special Responsibility Allowances May 2018 - May 2022

would be inappropriate to recommend a general increase in the Basic Allowance beyond the annual updating suggested.

1.6 Special responsibility allowances (SRA).

The Regulations specify categories of responsibility for which an SRA may be paid. For the same reasons which prompt the IRP to recommend restricting the Basic Allowance to the annual updating in line with staff pay awards they recommend the SRA for a Leader should only be uplifted to £57,085 in line with staff pay awards.

1.7 Other categories of responsibility are identified by reference to a percentage of the figure recommended for the Council Leader and a sliding scale of rates having regard to levels of responsibility of the roles undertaken.

? Band 3 includes the position of Cabinet Member, Chair of the Health and Wellbeing Board, Chair of the main Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Deputy Leader of the Council. The IRP propose that the Band 3 allowance should be between 70-80 per cent pro rata of the remuneration package for the Council Leader within a band of £36,917 to £43,460.

? Band 2 includes Chair of a major regulatory committee e.g. planning, the Civic Mayor, Leader of the principal Opposition, Majority party Chief Whip, representative on key outside body and Lead Member in scrutiny arrangements, such as chair of a scrutiny panel. The IRP propose that the Band 2 allowance should be 40-60 per cent pro rata of the remuneration package for a Council Leader within a band of £16,207-£29,797.

? Band 1 includes roles such as Vice Chair of a service, regulatory or scrutiny committee, Group Secretary of the majority group, Opposition Group Whip, Deputy Mayor, Cabinet Assistants and membership of an Adoption Panel. The IRP propose that the Band 1 allowance should be 20 - 30 per cent pro rata of the remuneration package for a Council Leader within a band of £2,582 - £9,397.

1.8 Other Relevant Panel recommendations.

The Panel considered that no more than 50% of councillors should receive a SRA.

? No Member should receive more than one SRA.

? Every Borough should have a programme of on-going training and development which Members should be expected to participate in.

? Members should be provided with logistical and clerical support to help them deal with their workload.

? Councillors should be entitled to claim an allowance for care of dependents when undertaking council duties in appropriate cases. The allowance should be set at the London living wage but at a higher rate when specialised nursing care is required (on proof of expense).

? SRAs should continue in the case of sickness, maternity and paternity leave in the same way staff receive this benefit.

? The Basic Allowance should cover basic out of pocket expenses including intra-Borough travel costs and expenses. The Scheme should however provide for special circumstances such as travel after late meetings or travel by councillors with disabilities. The Scheme should enable councillors to claim travel expenses when their duties take them out of Borough including a bicycle allowance.

? The IRP recommend that for a period of 4 years the allowances should be updated annually in accordance with the headline figure in the annual local government pay settlement, subject to annual approval by Council.

The recommended amounts relevant to Croydon The IRP has recommended that;

1. The remuneration package of a Council Leader under Band 4 should be £68,130(including basic allowance);

2. In addition to the basic allowance the following should be entitled to a Band 3 allowance on a scale: £36,917 to £43,460

a. Cabinet Member

b. Chair of Health and Wellbeing Board

c. Chair of Main Scrutiny and Overview Committee

d. Deputy Leader of the Council

3. In addition to the basic allowance the following should be entitled to a Band 2 allowance on a scale of £16,207 to £29,797

a. Chair of Planning

b. Chair of Licensing

c. Mayor (Civic)

d. Leader of the Opposition

e. Majority Party Chief Whip

4. In addition to a basic allowance the following should be entitled to a Band 1 allowance on a scale from £2,582 to £9,397

5. Shadow Cabinet Members

a. Opposition Group Whip

b. Group Secretary (Majority Party)

c. Adoption Panel Members

d. Deputy Cabinet Members

e. Deputy Mayor

Copies of the Scheme and the IRP report are available for inspection at all reasonable working hours at Access Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, Mint Walk, Croydon or via the Council's Website ieListDocuments.aspx?Cld-134&Mld-1594. In addition, as required by Regulation 15, copies of the record of the payments made by the council in accordance with scheme shall similarly be available for inspection at all reasonable working hours at Access Croydon, Bernard Weatherill House, Mint Walk, Croydon or via the Council's Website Jacqueline Harris-Baker Director of Law and Monitoring Officer

Basic Allowance - All Members


Mayor's Allowance__£19,485

Deputy Mayor's Allowance__£9,743

Special Responsibility Allowances (Paid in addition to Basic Allowance)_

Leader of the Council ] £44,083

Deputy Leader Statutory Deputy Leader Cabinet Members

£37,197 £36,335 £33,705

Deputy Cabinet Members__£10,132_

Non-Acting Cabinet Member__£20,223_

Chair - Scrutiny and Overview Committee__£30,335_

Deputy Chair - Scrutiny and Overview Committee £10,522

Majority Group Secretary__£10,132_

Majority Chief Whip__£14,854_

Chair - General Purposes & Audit Committee__£10,106_

Chair - Licensing Committee__£10,106_

Chair - Planning Committee__£16,207_

Chair- Health and Well Being Board__£33,705_

By decision of the Council, Members are not entitled to apply for inclusion in

the Local Government Pension Scheme.

Councillors may claim travel and subsistence allowances for a range of out-

of- Borough approved duties clearly specified in the Scheme.

The rates applicable for travel and subsistence claims are as follows:

The rate for travel by a Member's private motor vehicle shall not exceed the

following rates:

[i] motorcycle, tricar or motor car of cylinder capacity 500cc 25.9p per mile

[ii] not exceeding 999cc 34.6p per mile

[iii] [iv] [v]

10OOcc -1199cc 39.5p per mile 1200cc and above 48.5p per mile For the carriage of each additional Member of the Council (not exceeding

four): 3p per mile for the first passenger and 2p per mile for second and subsequent passengers.


Expenditure on tolls, ferries, parking fees.

[vii] Reimbursement of overnight parking charges.

The rate for travel by a Member's private bicycle shall not exceed 24p per mile. Subsistence

Breakfast £4.92, Lunch £6.77, Tea £2.67, Evening Meal £8.38, Overnight subsistence £79.82, or £91.04 (For Inner London or Annual LGA Conference) Dependent's Carers' Allowance - An allowance of £10.20 per hour,(London Living Wage) whilst undertaking approved duties for care of dependent relatives and children.

In adopting the Scheme, the Council had regard to the London Councils Independent Remuneration Panel's report (IRP report), "The Remuneration of Councillors in London 2018- Report of the Independent Panel" published in January 2018. A full copy of the report can be accessed via the below link: Main Features of the IRP report:

1.1 Recruitment of councillors. The IRP noted that allowances should be set at a level that enabled people to undertake the role of councillor while not acting as an incentive to do so. The Panel stated "it is important that there are no financial incentives to being a councillor it is equally important that there should not be a financial disincentive. It is clearly desirable that service as a councillor is not confined to those with independent means".

1.2 The Panel also noted that since the last report the government had removed the possibility of councillors joining the local government pension scheme "imposing a financial penalty upon councillors".

1.3 The role of elected members. Evidence received by the Panel showed that the workload and responsibilities of councillors had continued to increase and their role had become more complex and not only in the areas of social care, housing and health. They found that there had been growth too in the number of sub-regional meetings, partnerships and joint bodies which require commitment and time of leaders, cabinet members and front line councillors. The Panel advised that "the expectations of the public continue to rise".

1.4 Financial climate. The Panel stated that since the last report in 2014 local government pay settlements have been severely limited with just 3 awards of 1% for officers. As with previous reports the IRP makes no recommendations for increasing levels of members' allowances other than continuing provision for annual adjustments in accordance with the annual local government pay settlement.

1.5 Basic allowance. The IRP considered that given the loss of pension rights, growth and complexity of the work of councillors, the limited increase recommended since the 2014 report there was a strong case for considering a larger increase. However, the IRP recommended that the level of Basic Allowance paid to all councillors is updated to take account of staff pay awards only and is recommended at £11,045 p.a. The IRP provides that in the current financial climate in their view it


fov Croydon



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