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Notice ID: SUT0729679

Notice effective from
26th July 2018 to 25th August 2018

London Borough of Sutton Public Notices


1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Sutton on 23 July 2018 made the following Orders under sections 6, 45, 46, 49 and 124 of and Part IV of Schedule 9 to the Road Traffic Regulation Act 19841, as amended -

(a) The Sutton (Charged-For Parking Places) (Amendment No. 4) Order 2018; and

(b) The Sutton (Free Parking Places, Loading Places and Waiting, Loading and Stopping Restrictions) (Amendment No. 4) Order 2018.

2. The principal objectives of the Orders, which will come into force on 30 July 2018, are:- (1) to introduce disabled bays to provide a parking facility for disabled persons where a high level of parking makes reasonable means of access difficult, and revoke those parking bays that are no longer required; (2) to ensure that the Orders match conditions as they exist out on site.

3. The general effect of the Orders will be, to:-

(a) provide new disabled person's parking places, 6.6 metres in length, in which vehicles displaying a disabled person's badge may park at any time, at the following locations:-

(i) Abbotsleigh Close, Sutton - the south side, opposite No. 17;

(ii) Beechmore Gardens, Sutton - the south-east side, outside Nos. 21 -23 & 25-27 (adjacent to the existing disabled person's parking place at this location);

(iii) Oxford Road, Wallington - the south-west side, outside No. 10; and

(iv) Stanton Close, Worcester Park - the south-east side, at the side of No. 74 Clarkes Avenue;

(b) to revoke existing disabled persons parking places and reinstate uncontrolled kerbside at the following locations:-

(i) Camborne Road, Sutton - the north side, outside Lorraine Court, Nos. 32-34;

Note: only one of the two disabled person's parking places at this location will be removed

(ii) Demesne Road, Wallington - the east side, outside Nos. 56-58;

(iii) Hartland Road, Morden - the south-east side, outside No. 7 and reinstate a footway parking bay at this location;

(iv) Tilehurst Road, Cheam - the north-west side, outside No. 33; and

(v) The Holt, Wallington - the west side, outside No. 19;

Please note that the proposal advertised on 3 May 2018 [Order Reference SuttMap1052] to revoke a disabled persons parking in Constance Road has been withdrawn.


(c) amend the map-based tiles to the schedule attached to the Sutton (Charged-For Parking Places) Order 2017 and to the Sutton (Free Parking Places, Loading Places and Waiting, Loading and Stopping Restrictions) Order 2017 so as to more accurately represent the existing layout to match conditions as they exist on site.

Note: there will be no change to the restrictions as currently marked and signed on-street as a result of this amendment.

4. If any person wishes to question the validity of these Orders or of any of their provisions on the grounds that they are not within the powers conferred by the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, or that any requirement of the said Act of 1984 or of any instrument made under the said Act of 1984 has not been complied with, that person may, within

6 weeks from the date on which the Orders were made, apply for the purpose to the High Court

Dated: 26 July 2018

notice that in order to enable maintenance works to be carried out in a safe and efficient manner in certain roads it intends to make an Order, from 13 August 2018 for a maximum of 18 months but with an anticipated finish date at the end of October 2018.

No person shall cause or permit any vehicle including pedal cycles to proceed or wait including waiting for the purpose of delivering or collecting goods or for loading or unloading a vehicle on the sections of affected roads, mentioned in the table below, except for access to land or premises on or adjacent to those lengths of roads.

Any vehicle that is in contravention of temporary waiting restrictions at a time when these restrictions apply will be removed to an alternative location in accordance with the Removal and Disposal of Vehicles Regulations 1986.

It is anticipated that all roads will be closed for a duration of between 1 and 5 days within the road closure notice period; the closure may be on consecutive days, separate days or night-time works depending upon site, weather conditions and works required. Advanced warning signs for the road closure will be placed on site at least 10 days before the planned commencement of each period of work.

Letters will be distributed in advance of any works in the roads listed in the table below. The letter will give more specific details of the prohibitions and restrictions and will also detail any diversion routes as necessary.

NOTE: the Order will also suspend any disabled persons parking place, permit parking place, shared use permit/pay and display parking place, footway parking bay or any other free parking place in any of the lengths of roads listed in the table.

Milford Grove

whole road

Benhill Wood Road, Oakhill Road, Cressingham Grove.

All Saints Road, Angel Hill, Waverley Way, Montrose Gardens.

Monkesdene Gardens

Between Montrose Gardens and All Saints Road

whole road

Montrose Gardens

Plough Lane, Purley

Monkesdene Gardens, All Saints Road, Angel Hill, Waverley Way.

(A2022) Foxley Lane, (A237) Woodcote Road. Stafford Road;

between Foresters Drive

and the borough Stafford Road, (A23) Purley Way, Purley

Robertsbridge Road

Shorts Road

| boundary

at its junction with Middleton Road

whole road

| Road, Banstead Road, Foxley Lane.

Wrythe Lane, (A217) Bishopsford Road, Middleton Road.

West Street, Carshalton, (A232) Pound Street, Carshalton Road, Ringstead Road and Westmead Road.

Boundary Road, Park Lane, Ruskin Road, Carshalton Park Road, Beeches Avenue.

Stanley Park Road

between Boundary Road and Beeches Avenue

whole road

Staplehurst Road

Stavordale Road

Sutton Common Road

Banstead Road, Park Hill, Beeches Avenue.

Wrythe Lane, Robertsbridge Road.









at its junction with Middleton Road

between Colborne Way and Farm Way


Morden Road, St Helier Avenue

whole road

between (A217) Reigate Avenue and Barrington

(A217) Reigate Avenue, Green Lane, Morden, (A24) Epsom Road.

South-east bound Central Road_(A2043) Maiden Road, Maiden Junction, (A3) Maiden Way, Tolworth Rise South, (A240) Kingston Road, Ewell By-Pass and (A24) London Road; and North-west bound (A24) London Road, (A240) Ewell-By-Pass, Kingston Road, (A3) Tolworth Rise North, Maiden Way, Maiden Junction and (A2043) Maiden Road.

South-east bound (A217) Oldfields Road, Reigate Avenue, Rose Hill, Angel Hill, High Street, Sutton, Marshall's Road, Throwely Way, (A232) Carshalton Road, Chalk Pit Way, Sutton Court Road, Grove Road, Sutton Park Road, Cheam Road, St Nicholas Way; and North-west bound Crown Road, High Street, Sutton, Angel Hill, Rose Hill, (A217) Reigate Avenue and Oldfields Road

Westmead Road, Ringstead Road, (A232) Carshalton Road, Pound Street, West Street and Colston Avenue.

Road; and between Gillian Park Road and (A24) Stonecot Hill

The Chase whole road

Stafford Road, Plough Lane, Wallington. (A237) London Road, Elmwood Close.

Wandle Road,


between (A237) London Road and Elmwood Close

Collingwood Road

between its junction with Bushey Road and Chaucer Road

Dated: 26 July 2018


1. The Council of the London Borough of Sutton hereby gives notice that in order to facilitate junction improvements and because works are being executed on or near the carriageway it intends to make an Order the effect of which is summarised in paragraph 3 below.

2. The Order will come into effect on Monday 13 August 2018, with works expected to take 4 weeks to complete. However the Order will remain in force for 6 months to be re-introduced should further works be required.

3. When the works are taking place and the appropriate traffic signs are displayed the Order will temporarily,

? close:-

o All Saint's Road between its junction with Angel Hill and the western boundary of All Saint's Church Benhilton; and

□ Angel Hill slip road between its junction with Vermont Road and Sutton Common Road; and

? ban the right turn from Angel Hill northern slip road outside Nos. 35 to 73 into the main thoroughfare.

Please note that not all of the prohibitions will be in force at the same time.

4. The prohibitions specified above apply only during such times and to such extent as indicated by traffic signs prescribed by the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016.

Colston Avenue

Langley Park Road

Outside Nos 1 to 8b Westmead Corner

between (A232) Southbound (A232) Carshalton Road, Carshalton Road Chalk Pit Way, Sutton Court Road, High and Cumnor Street, Sutton, Brighton Road and Cedar Road Road;and

Northbound Cedar Road, Brighton Road, High Street, Sutton, Grove Road, Sutton Park Road, Cheam Road and Carshalton Road.

1 1984 c.27


The Council of the London Borough of Sutton with the agreement of the London Borough of Croydon, London Borough of Merton, Royal Borough of Kingston, Surrey County Council and Transport for London hereby gives

Meadow Walk whole road

Not Applicable

Green Wrythe Lane, Lilleshall Road, Muchelney Road.

Middleton Road

between (A217) Bishopsford Road and Robertsbridge Road

Dated 26 July 2018


Warren Shadbolt

Assistant Director of Environment, Housing & Regeneration (Safer & Stronger Communities)



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