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Notice ID: SUT2012226

Notice effective from
25th February 2021 to 27th March 2021




REF - (SuttMap 1098 W1CPZ Longfellow Rd)

1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Council of the London Borough of Sutton proposes to make the above-mentioned Orders under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 as amended.

2. The general effect of the Orders will be to introduce the following parking and waiting changes necessary to control parking, whilst identifying and providing parking for paid for parking (Pay and Display), resident permit holders and visitors.

(a) no waiting ‘at any time’ (double yellow line) restrictions:-
• at each junction between
o Lincoln Road and Longfellow Road
o Sutherland Gardens and Longfellow Road
o Washington Road and Browning Avenue
• both sides of Hazelmere Gardens between the junction with Longfellow Road and the junction at Nos 16 and 17 Hazelmere Gardens (except for proposed permit bays)
• around each traffic island in Caldbeck Avenue and Hazelmere Gardens
• inner kerb of Hazelmere Gardens outside No 37and 38
• the south-eastern side of Green Lane from the priority narrows to outside No 98
• Green Lane opposite Brookside Crescent and Nos. 12 to 14

(b) no waiting (single yellow line) restrictions operating throughout the week between 8am and 6.30pm:-
• in the following roads except where existing double yellow lines, proposed double yellow lines or proposed parking bays are to be found

o Beverley Gardens
o Brookside Crescent
o Caldbeck Avenue
o Green Lane (between Albany Hall and Central Road)o Hazelmere Gardens
o Lincoln Road
o Longfellow Road
o Sutherland Gardens
o Washington Road

(c) convert no waiting (single yellow line) to no waiting at any time (double yellow line) restrictions on the north-west side of Green Lane from the junction with Green Lane roundabout to and including the priority narrows outside Albany Hall

(d) residents permit and visitor voucher parking bays operating throughout the week between 8am and 6.30pm where vehicles in respect of which a valid permit has been granted would be able to park in:-

? Beverley Gardens
outside Nos 1 and 16

? Caldbeck Avenue
outside No 10-12
outside No 14-16
outside No 22-24
outside No 42-44
outside No 50-52
outside No 70-72
outside No 74-76
outside No 80
outside No 14 Browning Avenue
outside No 49-51
outside No 53-55
outside No 65-67
outside No 77-79
outside No 93-95
outside No 121-123
outside No 125-127
outside No 129
outside No 141
? Green Lane
outside No 34-36
outside No 38-40
outside No 42-44
outside No 50-52
outside No 58-60
outside No 24 Lincoln Road
outside No 3/4 Cumberland Court
outside No 7/8 Cumberland Court
outside No 72/74
outside No 76-78
outside No 82
outside No 84-86
outside No 96-98

? Hazelmere Gardens
opposite Nos 1 and 2
outside No 38
outside Nos. 13 and 14
outside No 12
outside No 15
outside No 16
outside Nos 117 and 123 Longfellow Road
outside No 17
? Lincoln Road
outside No 22
outside No 14-20
outside No 10-12
outside No 6-8
Between No 171 Longfellow Road and No 4
outside Bridges Court  Longfellow Road
opposite No 3-4 Edge Court
outside No 1-17
outside No 19
outside No 64 Green Lane
? Longfellow Road
outside No 1- Telephone Exchange
outside No 35-37
outside No 41-45
outside No 51-57
outside No 59-69
outside No 73-117
outside No 123-139
outside No 145-159
outside No 161-163
outside No 167
along the boundary of Bridges Court, Lincoln Road
outside No 173-175
outside No 177-179
outside No 193-195
outside No 215-217
outside No 221-223
outside No 225-227
Along boundary of No 92 Green Lane
outside No 4-12
outside No 2-12
outside No 14-16
outside No 40 (Hall)-84
outside No 88-96
outside No 102
outside No 112-138
outside No 142-148
outside No 154-156
outside No 158-160
outside No 164-168
outside No 170
outside No 190-196
outside No 198-202
outside No 210-220
outside No 230
outside No 232-234
outside No 240
outside No 250
outside No 256
outside No 260-268
Along the boundary of No 94 Green Lane
? Sutherland Gardens on the north-eastern side
? Washington Road
outside 13-19
outside No 21-27
outside No 39-41
outside No 51-53
outside No 55-57
outside No 63-65
outside No 81-97
outside No 99-101
outside No 103-105
outside No 115-119
outside No 125
outside No 131
outside No 147
outside No 14-18
outside No 22-38
outside No 44
outside No 68-74
outside No 78-84
outside No 94/96- 134/136
outside No 148-150
outside No 164/166-198a
outside No 204
outside No 216
outside No 34 Browning Road

(e) shared use Pay and Display and Permit Holder Parking bays operating throughout the week between 8am and 6.30pm
? Green Lane for certain lengths
on the west side between Beverley Gardens and No 20
outside Brook View Lodge
opposite No 26-34
? Longfellow Road
outside Telephone Exchange between No 11 and 33
opposite No 62 and 76

(f) limited time parking bay operating Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6.30pm max stay 30 minutes no return within 1 hour in Washington Road adjacent to No 90. Central Road

(g) change hours of operation of limited time parking bay to operate Monday to Saturday between 8am and 6.30pm maximum stay 30 minutes no return within 1 hour in Caldbeck Avenue adjacent to No. 138 Central Road

(h) amend the map-based tiles to the schedule attached to The Sutton (Charged-For Parking Places) Order 2017 and to The Sutton (Free Parking Places, Loading Places and Waiting, Loading and Stopping Restrictions) Order 2017 to match conditions as they exist on site.

3. Permit charges for the new residents permit holders parking places referred to in item 2(d), preceding would be as follows:-
(a) the charge for residents parking permits would depend on the permit group, set by the Council based on the CO2 emissions of the vehicle for which the permit is issued (see Schedule 1 to this Notice) allocated to the vehicle for which the permit is issued, as set out in the following table –

Permit Group (see Schedule 1) Standard Charge (per year)
1 £40
2 £55
3 £80
4 £110
5 £150
Additional residents permits may be issued at the standard charge shown above, plus a surcharge of £25 for a second permit and £50 for a third, in respect of a household.  Where the CO2 emissions of a vehicle are not known due to the vehicle’s age or similar, permit group 3 charges would apply.  Wholly electric vehicles (EV’s) would be exempt from any charge.  A maximum of 3 resident’s permits would be issued in respect of any household at any one time.
(b) residents visitors vouchers would be available free of charge to residents up to a maximum of 50 hours per household in any one year.  Additional hours thereafter may be purchased at a charge of £61 per 100 hours.
(c) carer permits for essential care visits would be available at the following charges:  (A) £35 per year for an individual permit, which allows a carer to park in any permit holders parking place; or (B) £50 per year for each organisational permit, which allows an organisation to park in any permit holder’s parking place for up to 3 hours maximum per day.
(d) child care permits which allow a person providing child care to park in any permit holders parking place specific to the relevant permit parking area for which it is issued would be available at a charge of £35 per year.
(e) There would be a £25 administrative charge for any alteration to a permit.
(f) For a full list of properties that would be eligible for permits, see Schedule 2 to this Notice.

4. Pay and Display Charges within W1 CPZ Longfellow Rd are as defined in Schedule 3 to this Notice

5. Copies of the proposed Orders, of the Council’s Statement of Reasons for proposing to make the Orders and plans showing the locations and the effects of the proposals may be inspected at the Council’s Civic Offices, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 1EA. Copies can also be obtained by calling 020 8770 5000.

6. If you would like to make comments on the proposals you can do so by filling in an on-line consultation response form which can be found on our web pages under “Traffic Management Order” and Reference “GA3 SuttMap 1098 CPZs

Alternatively please send them to The Parking Strategy Team, Highways and Transport, Kingston and Sutton Shared Environment Service, London Borough of Sutton, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, Surrey, SM5 2JG by 18 March 2021 please quote the following reference “SuttMap 1098 W1 CPZ Longfellow Road”.

Mervyn Bartlett
Group Manager - Highways and Transport

Dated 25 February 2021

Note: Persons responding to the proposed Orders should be aware that the Council may be legally obliged to disclose the information provided to third parties.

SCHEDULE 1 – Permit Groups [see item 3(a)]
Permit Groups for Petrol and Diesel Fuel Vehicles:
Permit Group Vehicle Type CO2 emissions (g/km)
1 L1 – L7 and M1 Up to 120
2  121 - 165
3  166 - 225
4  226 and over
Permit Groups for Alternative Fuel Vehicles:
Permit Group Vehicle Type CO2 emissions (g/km)
1 L1 – L7 and M1 Up to 140
2  141 - 185
3  186 - 255
4  256 and over
Note: These permit groups would be available for vehicle types L1 to L7 inclusive, (motorised vehicles less than 4 wheels including motorcycles) and M1 only (vehicles used for the carriage of passengers and comprising not more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat), as defined by the DVLA vehicle type approval.  For the avoidance of doubt this would not include vehicles designated by the DVLA as ‘special purpose vehicles’.
Additional Permit Group - Goods vehicles not exceeding 3.5 tonnes (m.g.w.):
Permit Group Vehicle Type CO2 emissions (g/km)
5 N1 Any
Note:  This permit group would be available for vehicle type N1 (motor vehicles having at least 4 wheels which are designed and constructed for the carriage of goods and have a maximum gross weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes) as defined by the DVLA vehicle type approval. For the avoidance of doubt any vehicle of vehicle type N1, such as light goods vehicles, will be classified as permit group 5 regardless of taxation class.
Technical details of vehicles can be found on the vehicle’s registration certificate (V5C) or new keeper details section (V5C/2). Further information regarding vehicle type can be found via: .

SCHEDULE 2 – Permit Eligibility [see item 3(f)]
Beverley Gardens, Brookside Crescent, Browning Avenue – Nos. 12, 14, 32 and 34 only, Caldbeck Avenue, Central Road – Nos.82-182 (evens), Green Lane – Nos. 2-98 (evens) and Nos. 63-77 (odds), Hazlemere Gardens, Lincoln Road, Longfellow Road, Sutherland Gardens and Washington Road

SCHEDULE 3 - [see item 4]
Pay and Display Parking Charges within Longfellow Road Controlled Parking Zone W1

A Stay not exceeding Tariff
30 minutes £0.60
1 hour £1.20
3 hours £3.00
5 hours £5.00
All Day £9.00



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London Borough of Sutton

Civic Offices , St. Nicholas Way , Sutton , SM1 1EA 020 8770 5000


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