I met Brenda, a local Streatham resident, about a year ago and was struck by this wonderful, lively lady who had so much to offer.

Brenda Hargreaves was born in 1927. She has lived in the area all her life apart from when she was evacuated during the war, only to be returned just in time for the Blitz!

Brenda was a founder member of the Streatham Society and editor of its newsletter until her eyesight started to decline. She is also a member of Christ Church Streatham but can sadly rarely attend these days due to her health.

Brenda cared for her mother from the age of 15 and she is now herself at the age of 85, housebound and partially sighted. This has not stopped her from being a prolific writer of poetry and she is currently hoping to publish her work.


“Why should I” asked the taxpayer, “Pay for other peoples’ kids?”

What they can’t afford, they shouldn’t have.

Why should it cost me quids?”

Oh, dear, you poor short-sighted man, Do cease your protestations, They’re not other peoples’ children.

They are yours and mine, the nation’s.

Who drives your buses and your trains?

Who fishes off your coast?

And who delivers milk to you, And newspapers and post?

Who do you think provides your gas, Electric power and water?

In hospital who’ll nurse you?

Someone else’s son or daughter.

And, if your house should catch on fire As houses sometimes do, You’ll find other peoples’ children Risk their lives to rescue you, As, in ’39 to ’45, I very clearly see It was other peoples’ children Who fought and died for me.

Based on information supplied by Shanna Pedersen.